Keep a pair of binoculars ready, as the Isle of Arran holds the promise of spotting one or more of Scotland’s “big five”.

Red deer, seals, golden eagles, otters and red squirrels: the “big five” are abundant in Arran. Whether you’re walking in the hills or exploring the coastline, you’re never far away from the magnificent wildlife of the island. Around the coast, you can expect chance encounters with otters, seals, dolphins, or even a basking shark. There have also been Minke whales spotted in the waters.

Next, look to the skies and spot some of the 200 species of bird recorded on the island. Many inhabit the coastal areas and wooded burnsides, but the more awe-inspiring species you might see are the Golden Eagles, of which there are at least two breeding pairs on Arran. Always remember to follow the Access Code.

Red deer stalking and conservation

Home to more than 13,000 wild Red Deer, The Arran Deer Management Group keeps careful watch to ensure a careful balance of stags, hinds and sustainable grazing is maintained for their habitat. To maintain these goals, it is necessary to cull a limited number of carefully selected stags and hinds every year.

Embrace the challenge of getting close to Britain’s largest, and most alert, native mammals using patience, stealth, ground cover and wind, either for a remarkable photograph opportunity or the ultimate rifle shot. We can offer a limited number of opportunities for those looking to experience the art and excitement of deer stalking. Please phone our Arran Estate Office on 01770 302203 to request further details.

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